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We create customized CSR strategies aligned with your company’s values, expertise, products, stakeholder expectations and long-term vision and drive effective implementation leading to long-lasting change within communities you work with and causes you espouse

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From philanthropists to foundations to individual donors, we propagate informed giving practices, facilitate conversations among sector players, build sector knowledge, help raise funds for causes, and design programs that improve lives at a systemic level

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We work closely with our network of NGOs across India to bring you access to funding, partnerships with companies, new models, in-kind donations, enhanced communications capabilities and much more. Join our network today to make your work strategic, scalable and sustainable

Samhita GoodCSR

Samhita GoodCSR aims to revolutionize the way social sector projects are executed by connecting companies and NGOs on an efficient marketplace to help build meaningful partnerships. The platform was born out of the need to match available funds with impactful programs and find credible NGOs to run well-monitored programs. Visit for more information.


Energising Development – CSR in Clean Energy: What are India’s top companies up to?

Energising Development

Approximately 300 million people in India are estimated to lack access to energy with an even higher number experiencing intermittent access[1]. Since a majority of the population resides in rural areas, energy access acquires strategic importance for poverty reduction, quality of human capital, livelihood opportunities, inclusive economic development and social justice. With the mandate of […]


Piloting Innovative Solutions for the Bottom of the Pyramid Market

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Samhita Social Ventures, in partnership with GIZ (the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), announces an opportunity for companies and social enterprises/startups to partner and pilot innovative solutions for the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) market. Click here to express interest in participating in this project if you are a company that wants to Create value for […]


TechCamp Chennai 2017: Tech Tools for Startups

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On July 20 and 21, 2017, Samhita in partnership with the U.S. Consul General Chennai and the Global India Fund, organised a TechCamp in Chennai, titled ‘Tech Tools for Startups’, for upcoming enterprises facing economical, technological and institutional impediments with the aim of empowering them through technology integration. This was the fourth TechCamp in India […]


Apply now! RFPs worth ₹4 crore available now on Samhita GoodCSR

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Samhita is excited to announce the launch of SamhitaGoodCSR, an online marketplace which enables companies and NGOs to form partnerships that drive impact. RFPs (Requests for Proposals) on varying cause areas across the social sector including school WASH, digital literacy, rural development, women’s empowerment are now available on the platform. RFPs worth ₹4 crore are available now and an […]