For Companies

We create customized CSR strategies aligned with your company’s values, expertise, products, stakeholder expectations and long-term vision and drive effective implementation leading to long-lasting change within communities you work with and causes you espouse

For Donors

From philanthropists to foundations to individual donors, we propagate informed giving practices, facilitate conversations among sector players, build sector knowledge, help raise funds for causes, and design programs that improve lives at a systemic level

For NGOs

We work closely with our network of NGOs across India to bring you access to funding, partnerships with companies, new models, in-kind donations, enhanced communications capabilities and much more. Join our network today to make your work strategic, scalable and sustainable

Our Impact

Our impact is widespread and intensive. From women's health to free eye check-ups for children, from financial literacy to safe waste disposal, from vocation training of youth to employment opportunities for rural communities - our programs have helped change millions of lives


Social Enterprises- Fad or Fact of the new world: Philanthropy Magazine


In CAP’s latest Philanthropy issue, Anil Misquith, Executive Director of Strategic initiatives at Samhita Social Ventures engages in a debate about the role of social enterprises and their ability to address India’s socio-economic issues.


Healthcare Exective Interview with Samhita’s Founder and CEO, Priya Naik


In an interview with the Healthcare Executive, Priya Naik, founder and CEO of Samhita Social Ventures talks about the latest CSR trends in India, the importance of collaboration and the challenges NGOs face in the healthcare sector.


Transforming India: The CSR Opportunity


Samhita has developed a report, Transforming India: The CSR Opportunity with support from The Rockefeller Foundation. The report seeks to understand the influence of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 (commonly referred to as the CSR law) on companies and other sector players.


The path to effectively scaling skill development programs


Every year, India adds about 12 million people to its workforce, out of which a paltry 3.1 million are trained or qualified. In order to close this gap in skills, Samhita takes a look at the five key lessons that companies need to learn to effectively scale up their programs in skill development.