The Hunger Pandemic

By Samhita Social Ventures

June 9, 2021

Read Time: 7 mins

A new report from Hunger Watch provides stark evidence of the degree to which basic conditions and access to food have worsened. Almost all households reported falling income – only 6% said their income had not changed while another 4% could not say. 27% of households had no income at all from the start of the lockdown to October 2020, while for another 24% their incomes had halved. Income declines of this severity are nothing less than catastrophic.

The report shows how consumption of basic cereals declined “a lot” for around one-fifth of the population and nearly half the sample slept without a meal at least once. This article calls for provision of free food grain without requiring ID and that it must be accompanied by direct cash transfers to compensate for more than a year of lost livelihood. Without these most basic measures, the health crisis is being compounded by a hugely damaging hunger crisis.


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