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Business responsibility and brand purpose in a better normal
The better normal re-imagines business environments where social value is an integral aspect of growth, putting stakeholders and environmental guardianship at the centre of business strategy, a strategy that evolves from inputs to outcomes, from individual to ecosystem, and from delivering services to building capacity and enabling the market.

To achieve this, we are guiding companies in evolving from compliance-driven CSR to strategic and catalytic CSR that incorporates scale, sustainability and a stakeholder focus into business strategies. We enable companies to align their core competencies with the needs of the social sector, build catalytic partnerships with stakeholders with in-depth knowledge of social issues, first-hand experience and the networks to execute substantive impact initiatives and by utilising catalytic finance tools to promote a longer-term, outcome-oriented approach for initiatives.

This approach bridges the gap between purpose and action, creating strategies that balance people, profit and planet, helping you elevate your business responsibility, and creating a better normal for the communities and environments that interact with your business.

Role Overview:

The Research and Grant Lead is responsible for the direction and development of programme monitoring at Samhita and delivering high standards of monitoring, evaluation, learning and reporting on project and programme results.


● Contribute to the development and implementation of MEL strategy
● Responsible for day to day functioning of the MEL team
● Working closely with implementation teams to create concurrent monitoring processes, including designing and deploying survey templates to grant recipients, data analysis and visualization
● Coordinating with data agencies and implementation partners to create and maintain a data frame capable of scale
● Contributing to hypothesis creation, research design, sampling plans, designing tools, including generating rigorous random samples when necessary
● Data cleaning and analysis for on-going learning and program evaluation
● Providing regular updates to all stakeholders
● Authoring articles, reports and briefings to summarize key findings from time to time
● Responsible for formulating, implementing research projects and designing surveys
● Process Designing and Roll out – Ideate, design and roll out new process
● Prepare reports and updates for submission to top management.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

  1. A Master’s degree in economics, social sciences, public policy, or a related field. Candidates with a BA and considerable experience encouraged to apply
  2. 10+ years of hands-on experience in development and social research, including research design, sampling, tool creation and data collection and analysis
  3. Understanding of both quantitative and qualitative research methods
  4. Familiarity with randomized controlled trials and large surveys
  5. Ability to balance the study design and rigour with implementation practicalities
  6. Knowledge of STATA (strongly preferred), or other data analysis software
  7. Proficiency in Excel
  8. Excellent project management and organizational skills along with strong writing and presentation skills.
  9. Fluency and excellent communication skills in English (fluency in a local Indian language, such as Hindi, is highly desirable)
  10. A solution-oriented outlook. Ability to lead and manage a young team, including creating an inspiring and motivating team environment, setting clear team goals, delegating tasks, resolving conflicts and troubleshooting
  11. Ability to lead and work in a very dynamic and fluid environment
  12. Flexible, self-motivating, able to manage multiple tasks efficiently, and a team player
  13. Demonstrated ability to manage relationships with other teams, partner organizations, donor organizations
    Work Location: Mumbai
    Why Samhita: Mission driven Organisation with the most inspired people around!
  14. Make a big difference: Take, Own and implement.
  15. Leadership
    This is the perfect opportunity to go beyond traditional roles and lead cutting-edge Management and Research strategies. The candidate shall work alongside the brightest minds, in an environment that fosters growth and creativity
  16. Impact
    Working with Samhita will provide you with an opportunity to bring about a positive change in the lives of millions – doing well by doing well
  17. Work Culture
    Samhita has a team of young, hard-working, and dynamic individuals who strive for excellence while maintaining a humble outlook. Our work has been strengthened and supported by international and domestic donor agencies and foundations such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, Tata Trusts, GIZ, DFID, the World Bank, International Finance Corporation, UNDP and the Power of Nutrition.
  18. Learning
    Increase your problem-solving capabilities by delving into complex challenges.

At Samhita, we believe that great companies are built by great teams. This philosophy is at the heart of our vision for the Samhita we want to scale over the next decade. A company with people at its core, where people are the biggest moat. A 75 people strong team of 26-year-olds that is based out of seven cities in India. If you are looking for an organization that truly cares about people and a CEO who is

looking to bring the best of class innovation into CSR – Samhita is the place for you. We solve problems through collective action.

How to apply:
Forward your Linkedin page or CV to [email protected]