[Coffee with NGOs]
Challenges faced by social organizations in securing and utilizing corporate funds (A white paper)

Coffee with NGOs is an initiative by Samhita Social Ventures and SNEHA to create a forum for NGOs to discuss issues of common interest, present their concerns, exchange ideas on successes and failures, and solutions and actions to the broader stakeholder base in a more unified manner. The forum will comprise NGOs and a few other key stakeholders (foundations, advisors, research bodies, etc) who will collaborate and discuss on a common platform across issues and sectors. A white paper will be presented after each session capturing the essence of the discussions from the session.

The kick-off session held in November 2013 was attended by eight NGOs – Ojus Medical Institute, Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust, Swades Foundation, PARFI, Masoom, Zaya, Atma and Shelter Associates.The agenda for this session was ‘Tapping into CSR funding’ in the wake of the Companies Act 2013. It focused on CSR and its implications for companies and NGOs alike. The session was hosted by SNEHA and was co-anchored by Ms.Vanessa D’Souza, CEO of SNEHA, and Mr.Krishnan Neelakantan, Managing Director of Samhita Social Ventures.

The session focused on the knowledge and preparedness of NGOs to embrace the Companies Act 2013. Along with highlighting major challenges faced by social organizations in tapping into CSR funding, it also provided solutions to combat such issues. The kick-off event provided significant points on what works best on the field with respect to partnerships of SOs and companies. Personal experiences, surveys and interactive discussions made a strong case for working together successfully through partnerships, sensitization and streamlined processes.

Please click here to read the white paper that carries the key takeaways in detail of the discussions.