Webinar on “Grant Fundraising for Women and Girls’ Issues”

Date: November 6, 2014

Time: 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Many NGOs lack the know-how about fundraising for prospective institutional donors for women and girls’ programs. This webinar will discuss some basic approaches to effectively target grant funding from foundations, governments, and multilateral donors. It will also provide participants with the basic knowledge and tools to develop strategies that lead to success in fundraising for their gender programming.

The webinar will cover the donor landscape and major funders supporting programs for women and girls including bilaterals, foundations in the US and Europe, and multilaterals. The webinar will also detail successful application strategies from networking to proposal writing, including overcoming the challenge of fundraising for a cross cutting issue.

Who can attend?

This course is ideally suited to fundraisers who want to build their fundraising capacity, executive directors/NGO managers who are responsible for donor relations, and, individuals who want to develop their professional skills and effectiveness.

The course will be delivered entirely through the internet. You only need to have a computer, high-speed internet connection and a headphone. Participants from any part of the world can attend it.

The course will consist of a 60 minute presentation where you will see the slides and hear the trainer, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session during which your questions will be answered by the trainer in real time. This course is supported by extensive additional materials for participants to use after the course, including access to the webinar presentation, webinar slides, and training materials.

To register your participation for the webinar, please visit the link here.