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WASH facilities for 2,000 children: Samhita manages program implementation for BASF

BASF, Samhita and Leaf Society, have built WASH facilities for eight schools in the Managalore area benefiting more than 2,000 children. Children also underwent education sessions on hygiene and sanitation as part of the program. This program was part of BASF’s CSR initiative to build sanitation facilities for school children.

The program was launched to strengthen the community’s awareness and capacities towards WASH. By constructing WASH friendly facilities in government schools for girls and boys, BASF aimed to fundamentally change and improve the attitudes, habits and behaviors of the community. They co-ordinated with Samhita to implement a comprehensive program that offers hand wash equipment, safe drinking water, proper waste segregation and disposal, menstrual management and behavioral change education to the school children. To aid physically challenged students, the facilities also included ramps and railings in accordance with World Health Organization guidelines.

Samhita worked with BASF and Leaf Society to manage the project. We conducted a community needs assessment in 3 areas and designed and facilitated the implementation and monitoring of the program.

Mr. Purandara Shetty, Site Head – Mangalore Works, BASF India Limited said, “Our WASH program in Mangalore aims to educate children to be ambassadors in their communities for the importance of a healthy and hygienic society.”

To view more details of the program visit the BASF link.