Nov 27 Comedy Fundraiser Poster

[Update] Samhita facilitated NGO event at Bombay Store

Samhita formed alliances between six stand-up comics from Schitzengiggles, The Bombay Store, Mocambo Cafe and EKansh Trust to help the Pune-based NGO organise a stand-up comedy fundraiser event in Mumbai on 29th June 2012.

Registration and refreshments took place between 7 and 7:30 pm followed by a speech by Anita Iyer, Founder and Managing Trustee of the NGO, which strives to empower people with disabilities in a number of ways. This was followed by a short speech by Chandni Parekh, consultant with Samhita who shared how this event came together.   Akshay Deodhar, vocalist and guitarist for the alternative rock band Spook, enthralled the audience with three songs. This was followed by several really funny jokes by Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi, Varun Grover, Karan Talwar, Aditi Mittal and Ashish Shakya.

A little bit about how Samhita facilitated this event:

Last year, Karan Talwar, the founder of Schitzengiggles, had offered to perform for free for NGO events. We let NGOs in our network know about this opportunity and helped organise two stand-up comedy fundraisers in February and March 2012 for Sparsh Balgram and Tamarind Tree respectively.

Anaggh Desai, the CEO of The Bombay Store, offered the store’s 90-seater space for free for events that Samhita might want to facilitate for NGOs and others. The store took care of the set-up (chairs, tables, sound system, printing of the banner, beverages) and helped publicise the event.

Samhita approached Mocambo Cafe, a well-known restaurant which enthusiastically agreed to sponsor snacks at the event. They also gave free beverages to the audience members who visited the restaurant after the event. Mocambo Cafe also spread the word about the event by putting up four event posters inside and outside their restaurant for 10 days.

Samhita helped the NGO with no presence on twitter get visibility and tweets by people and organisations with over 17,000 ‘followers’. We informed some of our contacts in the print media about the event. Mumbai Mirror featured the event on the day of the event.  We shared with the NGO a list of e-groups and Facebook pages that they could publicise the event on. We gave them inputs and resources related to many aspects of the event – poster design, event mailer description, publicity of the event, help in getting an online booking partner, etc.  We helped the NGO spread awareness about the issue of disabilities to a very diverse audience of around 70 people comprising teachers, landlords, artists, etc.  We co-ordinated between the comics, the venue partner, the food partner and the NGO and helped align their requirements vis-a-vis the set-up, dates, etc.

All the proceeds from the sale of the donor passes went to the NGO. Samhita did not charge the NGO for presenting them with this awareness and fundraiser opportunity and for hand-holding them through the entire process.

Facilitating events is just one of the many ways in which Samhita supports events organised by non-government organisations, corporations, academic institutions and others.

If you would like us to help conceptualise or organise your upcoming event, get in touch with us at [email protected].