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Samhita contributes to UBS-LSE book on Indian philanthropy

Priya Naik, Founder and Joint Managing Director of Samhita, and Santanu Bhattacharya, Senior Manager – Communications, have authored a chapter in a book titled Revealing Indian Philanthropy. The book is a joint initiative of UBS and London School of Economics and features a series of essays by eminent philanthropists and key sector players on different facets of Indian philanthropy.

The book looks at the practice of philanthropy in India as a traditional tool of giving since historic times and charts the progress of giving methods and trends through the ages. It covers a wide range of practices and causes and seeks to debunk several myths about giving in India.

The chapter written by the Samhita team, titled More than just education and health, delineates the different causes that philanthropists in India have supported over ages, going beyond the realm of mainstream causes such as education and health. We look at investments in livelihoods, social inclusion, political activism, wildlife, art, theater, sports and human rights. Last but not the least, we also look at investments made in growing the social ecosystem itself in India – a much-needed phenomenon to grow sector intelligence and strategize and streamline giving.

The e-book is downloadable at this link.