The Unusual Builder Foundation Fund

Deadline: Open

The Unusual Builder Foundation accepts applications from organizations with projects that contribute to sustainable development in the select developing countries. The projects must be focused in one of the following areas of interventions:

  • Support and Assistance with access to healthcare and education
  • Environmental preservation of natural and cultural sites
  • Training and vocational rehabilitation
  • Preservation of lifestyles, traditions and cultures
  • Economic Development

The Foundation also provides humanitarian aid in emergency conditions anywhere in the world.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The proposed humanitarian project must contribute to sustainable development in one of the following countries- Bolivia,  Burkina Faso,  Cambodia,  Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia   Guinea, Haiti, India , Indonesia, Japan, Madagascar, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Somalia, South Africa, Vietnam.
  • Proposed project must be focused on one of the five areas of interventions mentioned above.
  • Project submission is considered only when the completed form with last activity and financial report is submitted.

Please visit the link here to apply.