TechCamp Mumbai: A story of hope

TechCamps bring together technologists and CSOs in a particular country or region to brainstorm on challenges they currently face in their communities. These groups work together to develop real time solutions to address these challenges. After a TechCamp event is over and problems have been identified, CSOs are connected to global networks of technologists, sponsors and digital volunteers interested in helping implement solutions.

Bureau of Obligate and Accompainer for Rural Development’s (BOARD)participation in the February 2013 Tech Camp Mumbai strengthened their ability to deliver their services to their constituents. 

Tech Camp provided us the knowledge of youth empowerment solution by the use of technology in detail,” said Naresh Chandra Verma, BOARD’s Managing Director. “This has provided a new dimension to our work on youth empowerment and will help us to address the problems of key skill gap challenges and youth unemployment by the use of technology.”

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