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Mobile for Good Awards 2014

Deadline: August 20, 2014

Mobile for Good Awards is a flagship initiative of the Vodafone Foundation in partnership with Digital Empowerment Forum (DEF).With the vision to recognize innovative mobile solutions driving change in India, the Vodafone Foundation is calling for applications from NGOs/Nonprofit organizations who are working in the domain of Mobile phone for social good.

Nominations are invited in 2 major categories and 5 subcategories. The main award category focuses on recognizing projects/initiatives by NGOs and NFPs while the Special Awards Category focuses on recognizing ideas/concepts by NGOs/NFPs/For profit Organizations and Individuals.

The 5 sub categories awards in 2 major categories are:-

  1. Governance
  2. Health
  3. Education
  4. Agriculture and Environment
  5. Women Empowerment and Inclusive Development

Funding of INR 6,000,000 is available for winners in the main award category. Five best solutions under the main category awards would receive INR 1,200,000 each. Main category winners will also receive structured mentoring from credible institutions, etc to help upscale and build greater capacity of their projects. Special category winners will be provided with a certificate and an opportunity to present their ideas to relevant people who work in the sector of mobile apps for social good.

 Click here for information on the application procedure.

The Unusual Builder Foundation Fund

Deadline: Open

The Unusual Builder Foundation accepts applications from organizations with projects that contribute to sustainable development in the select developing countries. The projects must be focused in one of the following areas of interventions:

  • Support and Assistance with access to healthcare and education
  • Environmental preservation of natural and cultural sites
  • Training and vocational rehabilitation
  • Preservation of lifestyles, traditions and cultures
  • Economic Development

The Foundation also provides humanitarian aid in emergency conditions anywhere in the world.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The proposed humanitarian project must contribute to sustainable development in one of the following countries- Bolivia,  Burkina Faso,  Cambodia,  Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia   Guinea, Haiti, India , Indonesia, Japan, Madagascar, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, Niger, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Somalia, South Africa, Vietnam.
  • Proposed project must be focused on one of the five areas of interventions mentioned above.
  • Project submission is considered only when the completed form with last activity and financial report is submitted.

Please visit the link here to apply.

Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund

Deadline: July 1, 2014

The Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (VGIF) provides small grants to grassroots projects that empower women and girls. They focus their investments on projects that create local solutions to advance women’s rights and social justice in developing countries. VGIF often provides early support, funding innovative projects that help grow new organizations, test new community change strategies and foster women leaders. It relies on local project directors to identify their own needs, design action strategies and develop projects.

Small grants up to $7,500 are given to organizations to support projects created, designed and implemented by women, based on local needs.

The grant aims to address the following issues:

  • Economic empowerment
  • Community development
  • Health and nutritional support
  • Literacy and leadership training
  • Educational seminars and workshops
  • Promoting education in the sciences for girls
  • Women’s human rights

Click here for criteria and application procedure.