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Knids Green Pvt Limited

Sector: Agro-based

Beneficiaries: Farmers,Local Community

Address: Samriddhii, Ramkrishna Nagar, Patna- 27

Regions of Operation: Bihar



In India, even today farmers engage in rudimentary farming practices. More often, they do not acquire fair price for their produce due to the presence of middlemen and also have to face wastage due to inappropriate storing facilities and lack of transportation services. As a result the customers too are deprived of fresh and good quality vegetables creating health and hygiene issues. So, at Knids Green we aim to revamp this mechanism by collecting the produce from the farmers directly and providing prior information about the price for their produce over the phone itself. This ensures assured market for the produce along with right price and also prevents wastage. In addition, we have our own refrigerated retail carts under the brand name Samriddhi and retail outlets- Bihar Fresh selling high quality fresh vegetables. We are thus mobilizing and organizing informal & fragmented fresh farm produce sector (resource poor small, marginal & landless farmers, street sellers) in order to create opportunities of gainful and dignified self-employment for the families dependent on this, ensuring sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improved quality of life and linking to the mainstream of the society & economy.


Our value chain starts from the SamriddhiiTM Grameen Kendra, from where the fresh farm produce is collected for the forward movement. The farmers are then benefitted of prior price discovery in order to make an informed choice to sell their produce. The collected produce then moves to SamriddhiiTM Primary Processing cum distribution center, where the vegetables get sorted, graded and packaged with barcoding for different channels of distribution, namely, retail, institutional and wholesale. The retail chain includes Samriddhii AC Green Carts and Bihar Fresh.


Knids AC carts
Service Name: Refrigerated storage carts
Service description:
The street vendors use these carts to sell the packaged vegetables to the end-consumers. These carts are made of single mould fibre with the facility to retain the freshness of produce for longer duration. These carts are durable and attractive to consumers along with providing better quality produce at the competitive prices.
  • The carrying capacity of these Air Conditioned carts is about 200 Kilograms of Vegetables.
  • These Air Conditioned carts have been designed uniquely to keep the vegetables fresh for longer duration.
  • They are manufactured of moulded fibre, they are light in weight and have a higher life.
  • They are almost maintenance free, except for the maintenance of tyres, tubes and other mechanical parts.
  • It has revolutionized the era of vegetable vending in India.
  • This innovative cart has increased the profit of the vegetable vendors by 25-30% and reduced wastage as it has a chamber which keeps the vegetable very fresh for longer duration.

Knids farm produce
Service Name: Fresh farm outlets
Service description:

Farmers can connect with us and sell their produce directly via these outlets called Bihar Fresh. They were started for the first time in Bihar so the name.  They are based on the concept of standalone AC outlets for selling farm fresh produce.


  • They operate in a controlled atmosphere to provide the customers a great shopping experience.
  • One of Bihar Fresh has already been launched in Patna. It is serving as an alternative to the existing vegetable selling places, which are characterized by unhygienic conditions and various unfair practices.
  • These outlets are one of the distribution channels for Samriddhii which has established a network of farmers and has transformed the vegetable supply chain of Bihar.
  • Through these outlets, the horticulture products being sold are vegetables, fruits and flowers.



  • Income enhancement for the growers by 25%
  • Risk free income generation of Rs. 3000-6000 for the vendors
  • More than 3000 growers are associated with our initiative
  • There are 500 vegetable vendors across cities which are earning a livelihood through selling fresh farm produce


Kaushlendra, Founder
Kaushlendra is a social entrepreneur and a recipient of Ashoka Fellowship. He completed his post-graduation from IIM-A in agri-business and brings his expertise in the Indian Agriculture to the board.


Anuj Kumar, Director
Anuj Kumar is a post-graduate from NMIMS, Mumbai in Marketing and Finance. Prior to KGPL, he has worked with Kotak Mahindra Bank as Senior Manager. He brings to the table, his financial acumen and project formulation and project management technique.


Prof. P K Sinha , Advisor
Prof. P K Sinha is a professor of marketing and chairperson, Center for Retailing at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. Prior to joining IIM-A, he was professor and dean at Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad. He has even worked as Marketing Manager at Rasna Enterprises Ltd. and was responsible to make Rasna a household name during 90s. He has been a guiding force for KGPL by providing invaluable inputs to for the marketing and retailing for KGPL.


We have worked with financial institutions like NABARD, Punjab National Bank, and State Bank of India. Kaushalya Foundation is our not for profit arm, which works with the growers for the institution building of growers in form of farmer producer companies. It has already formed 4 farmer producer companies in Bihar. Other partners include Maharashtra State Horticulture and Medicinal Plants Board, Bihar Rajya Beej Nigam Limited, National Horticulture Mission, and few others. ATMA & BAMETI provides training and identification to our farmers. Women Development Corporation is helping us in empowering the women and forming their enterprises.


  • Inclusive India Awards, 2013 by CNBC TV-18 & ICICI Bank Foundation
  • Agro Logistics Service Provider of the Year 2011 by SCLC, India
  • Sankalp Awards, 2011 (Agriculture, Food and Rural Business)
  • Villgro Awards, 2010
  • Ashoka Fellowship
  • Amazing Indian Awards for the Grass Route Soldier Category
  • Social Impact Award by Yourstory.in and SUN Microsystems
  • Included in the 50 World’s Best Sustainability Ideas by FORBES
  • The AC Green Carts got recognized as First Runners Up inthe  2nd National Awards for Technology Innovation in various fields of Petrochemicals and Downstream Plastics Processing Industry under the category of “Polymers in Agriculture and Water Conservation” by Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers
  • Listed as Success Story by Govt. of Bihar
  • GoI Subsidy announced for the AC Green Carts
  • Govt of India launched NVIUC (National Vegetable Initiative for Urban Clusters) project based on our model.
  • Featured in TIME, Outlook Business, The Tribune, AVRDC- The World Vegetable Center
  • Nominated for ET Now Leap of Faith Award

How can you partner with us?

We would like to partner with companies to gain technological and funding support for our existing initiatives. We would also look forward to receive support from the companies for our own capacity building and in turn help them in their CSR activities such as helping farmers in the local community. We hope to work with corporates who would help us in creating a replicable & scalable low investment fresh farm produce retail and supply chain model in which farmers and street sellers are directly partnered with and are prime movers. However, the partnership with companies is required to smoothen out the process and increase the spread of the project.