Samhita engages thousands of students to garner support for women’s health

Samhita, in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, spearheads the Support A Woman program as part of the Stayfree Women For Change campaign. The campaign is an initiative by Johnson & Johnson to raise awareness about women’s health and hygiene and fight against the widespread incidence of anemia in India. The Support A Woman program solicits donations from individuals across the country and uses the funds to run health camps for women from low-income communities.

Thus far, donations have been garnered for more than 1,600 women and health camps conducted in several places such as Mumbai, Delhi, Nashik and Igatpuri. The health camps have brought about remarkable transformation in the living habits and dietary patterns of these women. Click here to read more about the impact of Support A Woman.

To reach out to a wider audience, especially the youth, and get them involved in this initiative, Samhita launched the Champions For Change campaign among college students across the country. The objective of the campaign was to spread awareness about the cause and inspire the students to leverage their networks both online and offline to garner support for health camps. Nearly 250 students registered for the campaign and pledged support to the cause. They put up status updates of Facebook and Twitter, changed their cover photos, put up posters on college campuses, made presentations to groups of women, wrote blogs and got more friends to register. This campaign reached out to more than 1.2 lakh students in 150 colleges across India.

Champions For Change was an excellent exercise in actively engaging youth of the country to take up causes that are not “popular” but need to be spoken about and can be addressed through very low-touch but high-impact interventions.