Producing bespoke reports for sector knowledge


Report on the education initiatives of the top 100 companies with the highest CSR budget. Click on the image to read the report.

Samhita’s key objective is to help our corporate clients with effective CSR programs that are strategic and create significant social impact. We approach this with parallel evidence-seeking research on ‘industry sectors’(FMCG, finance, heavy industries, mining etc.) and ‘social sectors’ (such as education, health, livelihood etc).

  • For programs to be strategic, our research can help you understand the overall industry trends, explore CSR strategies of your peers, and highlight best practices and case studies of successful programs by companies in the industry.
  • To have optimal impact from programs, our research can provide you with sector-specific reports, giving an understanding of the sector, current government and non-government involvement, gaps in provisions, evidence of high-impact interventions etc.