Press Release: Mapping the CSR landscape in India

Samhita Social Ventures is pleased to announce that it has been commissioned by The Rockefeller Foundation to develop a ‘State of the Sector’ overview report with the aim to ‘Map the CSR Landscape in India’.

The report will look at how companies and other development sector stakeholders across the country are interpreting the CSR rules as per the Companies Act 2013. It will also explore the challenges many stakeholders are having, in determining how to ensure their CSR funded initiatives are both compliant with the law and in sync with their corporate objectives.

‘It’s been over a year since the Companies Act 2013 came into play. Even now, many companies are expressing a lack of knowledge and understanding about what actually falls within the CSR mandate. Many lack the dedicated resources and development sector experience required to take the most appropriate decisions for their companies and to implement outreach programs that make use of the best models. And this is seen across the board – in companies that have a long history of robust CSR programs as well as those who are newly entering the space. NGOs and other implementation agencies also face the challenge of being able to absorb and utilize corporate funds to effectively implement programs and adhere to the enhanced monitoring and tracking requirements of companies,’ said Priya Naik, Founder & CEO, Samhita Social Ventures.

Over the next few months, Samhita will engage and interact with a significant cross-section of key stakeholders in the CSR landscape in India including companies, NGOs, social enterprises, government agencies and officials and similar, to map out the state of the sector, identify challenges, capture experiences and propose approaches for the development of effective CSR programs that take into consideration the core values and strategic objectives of companies.

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