Planning a holistic approach to water, sanitation and hygiene

The launch of the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) campaign by the Government of India has made sanitation a national priority; bringing in an influx of support from development agencies, companies, foundations, philanthropists and the general public.

Samhita believes in a holistic approach to sanitation, engaging multiple stakeholders at different levels to drive large-scale impact in schools and urban and rural communities. We are working with a number of companies to implement WASH programs in schools with an added focus on toilets for girls.

Our service offerings are focused on delivering end-to-end sanitation solutions based on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) models:

Sanitation picture

Samhita delivers end-to-end sanitation solutions based on WASH models

  • Designing strategy and programs incorporating best practices
  • Selecting credible implementation partners and building their capacity
  • Supervising the construction and maintenance of toilets
  • Engaging in behavioral change communication
  • Ensuring community involvement and sustainable impact
  • Ensuring funds are utilized efficiently and effectively
  • Accurately measuring impact both quantitatively and qualitatively

We also offer end-to-end project management support to design, facilitate and monitor WASH programs across the country.