Managing the application process for awards by companies and foundations

Samhita Social Ventures has worked with several corporate and philanthropic foundations to play an instrumental role in facilitating awards to recognize outstanding work for a particular cause. These include the EdelGive Social Innovation Honours given by the EdelGive Foundation, the EIFI Grants for Innovation in Education and the Hari Chopra Social Awards by the Trust of the same name. These awards gave away a sum of Rs.4 crore ($800,000) to NGOs that are doing path-breaking work in selected fields.

Samhita played a key role in the process and outcome of these awards. We provided end-to-end services to ensure that the initiatives were conducted in the most efficient manner and the most deserving NGOs received the award. This included designing the application form as well as helping set broad requirements and selection criteria. The application forms were hosted online on the Samhita portal and outreach was conducted among Samhita’s network of 38,000 NGOs. Intensive support was provided to prospective applicants and we also helped in final selection. We ensured the disbursement of the award and followed up to confirm its responsible usage. In all cases, the number of applications went up by more than double compared to previous occasions due to Samhita’s  intervention. The EdelGive Awards, for example, received 675 applications within a short period of 2 months.