Managing grants end-to-end

end-to-end managingIn the last few years, several international grant-making organizations have evinced interest in supporting causes in India and have made their entries in the Indian social landscape. Several national donor agencies have also upped their engagement with NGOs on the ground. Samhita works with such organizations to manage the process end-to-end and ensure accountable implementation as well as considerable impact.

  • Conceptualizing the vision of the grant; articulating the causes to be supported
  • Identifying credible NGOs with excellent track record of impact in the cause
  • Conducting outreach to Samhita’s network of 38,000 NGOs to solicit applications
  • Conducting due diligence and credibility checks on NGOs
  • Monitoring program implementation, assessing impact and reporting progress
  • Exploring opportunities to scale up the programs and make them sustainable


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