Managing fundraising campaigns

In today’s world, fundraising for causes is part of any major event – be it a marathon or Family Day at work. However, getting fundraising right is not easy. It takes correctly articulating the mission, reaching out to the right audience and connecting them to the right causes. To create considerable impact, fundraising should be smart and strategic. Placed right in the epicenter of the social ecosystem, Samhita is best positioned to bring together the different stakeholders and ensure high levels of responsiveness, participation and impact.


  • Strategizing and designing the fundraising campaign
  • Creating communications messages, collateral and presentations for outreach
  • Conducting widespread outreach among different stakeholders and building key relationships to drive participation
  • Pushing the envelope on innovative channels of fundraising successful internationally
  • Managing the campaign end-to-end
  • Facilitating online donations on Samhita’s portal; issuing receipts to donors
  • Supporting execution of final event that culminates the campaign activities


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