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[Livemint] FMCG firms’ CSR spend up by 57%, Nestle misses target

In its first year of compliance with the Companies Act 2013, consumer goods companies CSR spend rose by 57%. However, Nestle, one of the six major FMCG firms, which is in eye for the Maggi-ban storm, not only missed meeting the 2% CSR spend by a wide margin, but also saw its CSR spend fall in 2014. Priya Naik, Samhita’s founder expresses her thoughts on what areas should it focus on for its CSR spend. “Nestle would do well to focus on good nutrition practices for CSR especially given the controversy they are facing and the fact that 60% of Indian children are wasted, stunted, underweight or a combination of the above,” says Priya Naik.

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