[Livemint] CSR mandate to boost social start-ups

“The likes of Samhita Social Ventures, GiveIndia, Enterprise Nube’s Gudville and Rang De are likely to inspire more social entrepreneurs and ventures hoping to tap into the opportunity.

The law, which for the first time, has laid down the ground rules for CSR and is likely to boost corporate charitable activity, would mean that the top 100 companies by annual net sales in 2012 will spend Rs.5,611 crore on such activities, compared with the Rs.1,765 crore they are spending now, according to a March report in Forbes India magazine.”
““It (the law) changes our business completely,” said Priya Naik, founder and joint managing director at Samhita Social Ventures Pvt. Ltd. “So far, it was only the enlightened companies, so to speak, who would come to us. The reality now is that every company needs to do it… It’s great to see this in place as it will force companies to do CSR in an organized manner.”

“It’s a tremendous opportunity (for entrepreneurs),” added Naik. “A lot of expertise, a lot of money is coming in…and it will provide them plenty of access to networks, access to business, etc.”
Samhita, set up in 2010, works with charitable foundations across the country and acts as a CSR consultant and adviser to large corporations such as Vodafone, Johnson and Johnson and the Piramal Group.”
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