[IiAS] IiAS finds larger companies spending upwards of 1% on CSR; suggests a framework to evaluate this spend

“Among the various sections of the Companies Act 2013, Clause 135 has generated the most debate. The Clause ‘mandates’ spending on CSR to the extent of at least 2% of average net profits during every block of three years for companies above a certain financial threshold.

In its special report titled ‘Corporate Social Responsibility: Review of current policies, practices and disclosures’ Institutional Investor Advisory Services (IiAS) studied the FY13 CSR initiatives and disclosures of 51 companies forming a part of the BSE SNP Sensex30 and CNX Nifty50. IiAS engaged with N Krishnan, Managing Director, ‘Samhita Social Ventures‘ to develop a framework to evaluate the CSR effort of companies.”

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