Ranchi NGO environment - awareness

How waste disposal led to employment opportunities for the poor

Samhita is working for Vodafone as an implementation partner to coordinate and execute Project ReSolve. ReSolve is a CSR project addressing solid waste management with three basic objectives:
– Creating awareness of Recycle, Reuse & Reduce
– Creating wealth from waste
– Development of rag-picker community
This project has been implemented in 17 cities across India. In Ranchi, the circle office has partnered with Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK), an NGO working for various causes including solid waste management and sanitation. NBJK has experience of many smaller projects in the past in and around Ranchi. With the ReSolve program, it has now gotten a bigger opportunity not just to build systems and processes to execute projects for corporates, but also to reach out to a larger community and build its visibility. In the first year of the project, total amount of solid waste collected from circle office and nearby community was around 6 tonnes. This was recycled into a number of useful products such as organic manure, fertilizers, recycled paper, hard-board boxes & register files. The project directly provided livelihood opportunities to more than 100 people, ranging from rag-pickers, recycling workers to project controllers and managers. It also indirectly benefited more than 3000 members of the local community as they were provided with clean and healthy surroundings, reducing the number of diseases in the locality. At the same time, the NGO was able to tap into the corporate’s expertise and managerial advice as well as build internal competencies.
Ranchi NGO environment - before        Ranchi NGO environment - after
Samhita is providing technical expertise to the NGO on various ways it can adopt to make the project more sustainable in the future and therefore, reduce the NGO’s dependency on corporate funds. Samhita is working with the NGOs and Vodafone team in all the project locations, to create a more efficient, easy-to-implement operational model and create greater impact for local communities and the environment at large.