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[Update] Greenkins Girl Power Campaign

“Education isn’t simply about literacy, it’s about giving girls back their power.”

-Shiza Shahid, Founder & Director, The Malala Fund


On the occasion of the UN International Day of the Girl Child on Oct 11, 2013, Greenkins has  committed to support and promote the cause of girls’ education through GirlPower campaign.

Greenkins will donate 11% of all sale proceeds to Kidpower’s Girl Child Project that provides education to underprivileged girls. The campaign will run all through October 2013.

Greenkins invite its customers to join the cause and contribute generously to this campaign.

About the Girl Child Project

Kidpower’s Girl Child Project provides education scholarships to girl children from poor families where the family is unable to pay the fees or, if the family has more children, the girl child is the first to drop out of school.

Besides, often, the education of the girl child is not taken seriously because of the prevalent social and cultural norms. The scholarship helps the girl child to continue her education and complete 10th class.

Kidpower,  every  year,  pays  the  education  fee  of  Rs. 3000  and  also  provides  school uniform, books, bags etc to the children. The project is in consonance with the recently implemented  “Right  to  Education  Act”,  which  made  education  till  14  years of age  a fundamental  right  and  supports  the  use  of  private  schools  to  provide  education  to children from poor background.

Kidpower implements the project through a network of low cost schools which mainly cater to children living in slums. Kidpower, along with the school management, identifies girl children (10-20 children per school) who are dropping out of school because of poor financial situation. Then, Kidpower staff visit the homes of the children to ascertain the family  situation  and  the  need  for  the  scholarship.

The  school  management  provides a volunteer teacher who helps Kidpower to setup the program in school. The school fee is paid directly to the school. Kidpower staff makes regular visits to the school and home to ensure  the  child  does  not  drop  out  of school  and  is  motivated  to  do  well  in  her education. Kidpower has supported/ identified 300 children from more than 20 schools and provides scholarships every year.

Budget per child – This  is  the support  budget  per  child/  year.  The  funds  raised through the Greenkins GirlPower program would be allocated to the corresponding number of children.

Sno. Description INR
1. School Fees of the girl child 3000
2. Uniform and bag 500
3. Books and education material 300
4. Kidpower training and mentoring 100
Total budget 3900


Kidpower  believes  that  scholarships  for  girl  children  coming  from  underprivileged families are a sound investment for the future generations. Greenkins agrees and is proud to partner with Kidpower on this project.

You can know more about Kidpower and their association with Greenkins here

When you shop with us this month, you don’t just get outstanding products but also a chance to change a girl’s life!