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start001’s DiaryLand diary

They say theres a sucker born every minute but you’re not a sucker if you intentionally know what youre getting into. On a recent trip to New York City, I knew that Canal Street was the place I could find the not so elusive fake Rolex watch. Sure enough, I had to walk only one block of the infamous market district before I was approached by a nervous looking guy offering what he promised was a genuine Rolex time piece.

Discerning shoppe that I am (even when in the market for fa I d the gentlemans offer continued to the goods offered in the wholesale jerseys small cluttered shops. A few designer sunglasse and hilariously bootlegged copies current movi lat I ran into another guy promising that he an R watch to sell me. I agreed to tak a loo t watch and negotiate.

The str produced watch wrapped plast which I pointed o not the intended casing for a tru luxury w The time h a protectiv plastic covering on the face and wa s w gold tri along the metallic band. I negotiated with my n friend t pay full one f of the great deal h wanted to charge. I left Canal St with fak goods in hand, especially thrill with mys for being willing victim t the f Rolex scam.

When I returned from tr I decided t research the differences b t I bo and real Rolex. Of course, my watc a textb fake, from th shoddy backing, and the inaccurate d bubbl Below are some ti how to distinguish t Rolex fro a f

1Clear Caseback C As previo m my Rolex features clea backing so th inner workings the wat on display. A few mechanical components inside even display the signature crown to more impressi Th is perhaps the easiest to recognize feature of a counterfeit w becau Rolex has never made a with a skeleton cas

2Cyclops Magnification Bubble C The cry on Rol watches features cheap jerseys Cyclops bubble th offers 2.5 ti magnification of th date. On fake Rolex watches, this bubble is oft off cent of gl and usually a only 1.5 times the magnification.

3Micro etched Crystal C My counterfeit watch d e atte to mim this feature, b man fakes try to match t micro etc Rolex logo that beco standard genuin watche made after 2002. Rolex began micro etch their c int the below the 6 oclock position. The mark is so small, is often difficult to se with cheap wholesale jerseys the n ey but can b identified under magnification. The d precise th counterfeit models often cannot replicate the log accurately.

4Hologram St C Again, fak watch cant com with fakes, but so forgeries will att t re create the hologr stic that c on all Rolex ca backs. The sticker features a h of the Role Crown positioned just abov the case reference number. Most forge are not hologram stickers at all, but that do n when viewed f different angles

5Triplock Crown S C The Dayton S Sea Dweller mod feature an e seal between the winding tubes threads. Man repl will completely l this f off cheap jerseys or possess a fake seal t ser no practical purpose.

6Size and Weight C although is not t most scientific f determining fake, it sh b not that authentic Rolex watches are very sturd and therefore relat heavy. Fake ar made from che materials and typically feel very light. Also, th b on genuine Rolex watches a full wh fakes often d hollow links.

7Hand Movement C The second hand on genu Rolex watch features smooth and continuous mov that often cannot b dupli b fake wat Their movements a often in small, increment

8Sapphire Composit CMany faux Rolexes will regular glass instead of t sapphir crystal. A good test of the m t ch t wate surface tension. A smeared fil of water will pull together on sapphire d t t extremely smo surfac

9Lettering C Be sure to the dial of potential purchase to se if t lettering i pr Under high magnification, t type should reveal clean edges not found in many forgeri

10Case Reference Numbers C The s and ca referen number can found betw the lugs on the side of the case. Authentic Rolex n are engraved with gr d ar ve smooth. The numbers on fa watches often lo sand blasted or are roughly etched into the

The nam R has becom succes and style, and would be a sha for anyone to be suckered into pa pr prices f forgery. Trusting a deale i t be way t obtain a genuine Rolex, but you must go outside of th typical channels, b sure to u co sen Do t research, questions, and remember if it lo too good to b trueit pr is.Articles Connexes: