Managing awards and grants

Every year, Samhita runs multiple drives to solicit applications for grants and awards to be given away by Indian and international donors, foundations, philanthropists and companies. However, each drive is tailored to the needs of the specific client

managing awards

  • Conceptualizing the process, designing the application form and hosting the form on the Samhita portal
  • Conducting extensive outreach on Samhita’s website, social media and other blogs to invite applications
  • Managing application process; providing hotline and support services to applicants
  • Performing screening and selection activities post-deadline
  • Providing support for grant disbursement, monitoring usage of grant and reporting progress


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Managing grants end-to-end

end-to-end managingIn the last few years, several international grant-making organizations have evinced interest in supporting causes in India and have made their entries in the Indian social landscape. Several national donor agencies have also upped their engagement with NGOs on the ground. Samhita works with such organizations to manage the process end-to-end and ensure accountable implementation as well as considerable impact.

  • Conceptualizing the vision of the grant; articulating the causes to be supported
  • Identifying credible NGOs with excellent track record of impact in the cause
  • Conducting outreach to Samhita’s network of 38,000 NGOs to solicit applications
  • Conducting due diligence and credibility checks on NGOs
  • Monitoring program implementation, assessing impact and reporting progress
  • Exploring opportunities to scale up the programs and make them sustainable


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Preparing sector/industry-based research reports

Building intelligence within the social sector in India is core to Samhita’s philosophy of empowering the sector with knowledge and strategic analysis. Samhita works with donor agencies and foundations that are seeking to invest in an in-depth study of a particular sector or industry that they are interested in.  Such studies are extremely useful in getting a high-level perspective of trends and activities by different players in the sector.

sector reports

  • Setting a framework and structure of the report
  • Formulating research methodology, finalizing questionnaires and identifying interviewees
  • Conducting primary and secondary research; collating results and findings
  • Writing a consolidated report of important data points, key findings and strategic analyses
  • Presenting the report at important conferences and forums and following up with articles and conversations

Partnering for implementation of models

India is a great place to test and implement social models that have been successful internationally. The sheer diversity of the beneficiary population, the complex nature of the issues they are faced with and their willingness to address these issues make India an attractive location for research and implementation. Samhita partners with national and international organizations to put into effect such programs.

implementation partner

  • Designing/adapting programs to work in the Indian context
  • Identifying ideal partner NGOs for ground-level implementation through rigorous selection criteria and due diligence process
  • Monitoring program implementation and reviewing project progress
  • Assessing and reporting impact at periodic intervals
  • Conducting surveys to collect feedback and best practices for scaling up


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Building capacity of NGOs

Several small and medium-sized NGOs across India have highly committed people working towards very lofty visions. However, unfortunately and often, they lack skills and resources that impede the efficiency and wherewithal needed to achieve scale and sustainability. At the behest of donor agencies and foundations that support multiple such NGOs, Samhita is well placed to boost competencies and address mindsets that help NGO leaders access greater opportunities.

building capacity

  • Conducting surveys, interviews and analyses to understand specific needs of the NGO
  • Helping prepare business plans and/or fine-tune service offerings
  • Providing support to improve efficiency by streamlining processes and introducing technology solutions
  • Creating communications collateral such as website, brochures, fundraising presentations etc.
  • Facilitating training sessions for NGO teams to effect mindset change
  • Exposing NGO leaders to opportunities that will help them scale up operations and raise funds


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Facilitating events and conferences

Events and conferences are great ways to build thought leadership, bring together different entities in the social space, showcase success stories, share best practices and forge strategic partnerships. As an organization that builds the social ecosystem, Samhita is in a unique position to best facilitate events and conferences that engender conversations and build important bridges across the sector.


  • Defining vision of the event and setting the agenda
  • Identifying and approaching key speakers best suited to the event
  • Conducting pre-event secondary research and interviews feeding into final content
  • Creating website and communications collateral for the event
  • Conducting outreach among target audiences to drive registrations and attendance
  • Overseeing event logistics and liaise with relevant vendors and service providers
  • Conducting post-event feedback survey, recording learnings and publishing key next steps


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Managing fundraising campaigns

In today’s world, fundraising for causes is part of any major event – be it a marathon or Family Day at work. However, getting fundraising right is not easy. It takes correctly articulating the mission, reaching out to the right audience and connecting them to the right causes. To create considerable impact, fundraising should be smart and strategic. Placed right in the epicenter of the social ecosystem, Samhita is best positioned to bring together the different stakeholders and ensure high levels of responsiveness, participation and impact.


  • Strategizing and designing the fundraising campaign
  • Creating communications messages, collateral and presentations for outreach
  • Conducting widespread outreach among different stakeholders and building key relationships to drive participation
  • Pushing the envelope on innovative channels of fundraising successful internationally
  • Managing the campaign end-to-end
  • Facilitating online donations on Samhita’s portal; issuing receipts to donors
  • Supporting execution of final event that culminates the campaign activities


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