EGALITE – Agent Banking Solution

The infographics published by the World Bank affirm that there are still over 2.5 billion people who are unbanked. To meet these needs the concept of financial inclusion was introduced which unlocked a new spectrum of opportunities for banks and financial institutions.

BFSI Consulting based in Bangalore has entered the agency banking software market with its new offering, Egalite. The name is derived from the French word for equality, and is a mobile banking solution aimed at banks and financial institutions working on financial inclusion programmes. Egalite is the solution for the practical issues of agency banking and works towards touching the unbanked in a seamless fashion by providing access to real choices of appropriate products and quality services with real time data flow.

The mobile platform has been developed on Android and can be used out of any Android-enabled device. The application syncs up directly with the Bank’s/Micro-Financial Institution’s core banking system and updates the data, in real-time, given the device is connected to the internet.

For more information on the software and download link, click here.