Designing employee engagement programs

Employee engagement is one dimension of CSR that has seen a huge pick-up in the last few years. Companies have begun to realize that one of the key ways to firmly entrench company values and build employee loyalty is to provide them with experiences that go beyond their regular deliverables and job descriptions.

For our client in the finance sector, the mandate was to work with NGOs in the education and livelihood spaces and we helped them identify the right set of partners and build synergies and checkpoints for both parties to effectively execute the CSR program. The employees volunteered to support the organization’s ongoing activities. For our client in the technology service arena, the mandate was to start a program with a set of high-potential employees and open them up to life-changing experiences and leadership opportunities that they could then bring back to their work and teams. Besides enhancing their skills in their core functional areas, the client wanted its employees to be seen as role models in society.

In this space, we are also working with another client that is a diversified conglomerate with businesses that include healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical, information management, manufacturing and real estate, thus having a very diverse employee skill set. The client also has a well-established CSR program with initiatives in  healthcare, clean drinking water, education and rural employment sectors. The mandate Samhita has is to define an employee engagement strategy to design programs and governance structures to utilize employees’ skills from the group company to help support the CSR program initiatives, thus providing a platform for meaningful employee engagement in CSR, fulfilling the company’s goals of imbibing corporate values into employees, while giving them a sense of creating impact on the society.