Creating partnerships to test new technologies at grassroots

Our client, is a mobile technology company that provides strategic consulting and end-to-end solutions in application development for a variety of platforms. The Company had developed a technology solution that would enable organizations to collect, transfer and analyze a large amount data using low cost mobile phones in real time. The Company approached Samhita to help them select two NGO partners to whom they could donate this customized application. Samhita identified 45 potential NGO partners and worked with the Company to select two NGOs partners that had a large field level workforce that could optimally benefit from the grant. The grant included a customized mobile based application that met the NGOs’ needs, training for the NGOs’ staff, a website to view, analyze and extract data and support for 6 months.

This engagement was a prime example of how Samhita can help companies align their CSR activities with their underlying business. Our client’s donation helped them test and improve a new product, provided a critical solution to NGOs that significantly improved their efficiency and reduced program costs, thereby benefiting the communities that the NGO served.