[Times Of India] Corporate social responsibility: Startups see opportunity

There was a time when companies could sponsor an eye camp or donate used computers and call it their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity. With the Companies Act 2013 clearly stating that companies should have a more long-term plan in place for CSR, companies are realizing that such small initiatives are not enough.

“From being purely activity-based, the law is now nudging companies to have a more sustainable and longterm approach with respect to CSR,” Krishnan Neelakantan, managing director, Samhita Social Ventures said.

Samhita, which has been in the social sector consulting space for some time now, expects some hand-holding by companies like theirs for corporates that are joining the CSR bandwagon. “There is justified need for such intermediaries. Otherwise, we would not be able to create large-scale social change,” Neelakantan said.

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