CineArt Steer to Safety Project

PVR Nest, the CSR arm of PVR Ltd was conceived in 2006 which caters to uplifting the necessitous children in the vicinity of PVR complexes with educational, health, cultural and recreational programs. Taking up sustainability issues every year, PVR Nest mainstreams these issues while establishing cinema and art as a viable and productive medium of education. This year Michelin (the leading tyre manufacturers) and PVR Nest take the initiative to sensitize children on road safety by using the most innovative tool of film education.

Spread over two years, the program involves over two lakh students and aims at forming 200 Road Safety Clubs within schools. Cineart which uses the art of cinema for social change, would help Students produce 10 films on road safety and reach out to more than 2,00,000 students and over 60 million PVR patrons in select cinemas across 43 cities across India.

The program design aims at a whole school impact adopting a unique hands-on project based learning approach which covers all the stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, school bus drivers & the school management with tailor-made content & workshops for each target group. Students will be encouraged to apply their road safety projects in real life to assess the impact within their schools, homes and communities.

This year, the focus is on mainstreaming road safety conversations by enabling and empowering students to develop thought provoking social messaging around ‘Responsible Road Behaviors’. The project also aims at gathering substantive evidence for integrating road safety education within school syllabus. At the same time, it advocates the formulation of a robust & much needed “Road Safety Act”, currently missing in India.