Building capacity of NGOs

Several small and medium-sized NGOs across India have highly committed people working towards very lofty visions. However, unfortunately and often, they lack skills and resources that impede the efficiency and wherewithal needed to achieve scale and sustainability. At the behest of donor agencies and foundations that support multiple such NGOs, Samhita is well placed to boost competencies and address mindsets that help NGO leaders access greater opportunities.

building capacity

  • Conducting surveys, interviews and analyses to understand specific needs of the NGO
  • Helping prepare business plans and/or fine-tune service offerings
  • Providing support to improve efficiency by streamlining processes and introducing technology solutions
  • Creating communications collateral such as website, brochures, fundraising presentations etc.
  • Facilitating training sessions for NGO teams to effect mindset change
  • Exposing NGO leaders to opportunities that will help them scale up operations and raise funds


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