Building capacity of an NGO for sustainability

A US-based philanthropic foundation employed Samhita as consultants to work with a Gujarat-based education NGO to enable them to raise funds, scale up operations and develop new models. The foundation was funding the NGO for almost two decades and is currently planning to phase out support to fund other initiatives. Hence, it wanted to build capacity of the NGO so that they could become sustainable. Samhita was brought in to work closely with the founder and top leadership of the NGO to help achieve this goal.

education in indiaOur involvement in the project was manifold. To begin with, we created a detailed fundraising strategy to sustain their existing rural education programs. Next, we created communications collateral aimed at addressing different constituencies of donors such as corporates, foundations and individuals. We visited Gujarat to observe NGO operations, interview the beneficiaries and communities and capture high-quality images and impact stories. We also set up a website for the program replete with fundraising capabilities. Brochures and banners were created for campaigns held during usual giving seasons such as Diwali in India and Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US. Connections were made to solicit corporate donations.

For the new model started by the NGO in the form of a social enterprise, Samhita played a key role in  preparing the business plan, working out the financials, helping out with recruitment of key staff, defining the service offerings and target constituencies. We also helped connect the NGO leadership to several successful education models across India for learning best practices and potential replication opportunities.