Beyond spreadsheets: Improving data veracity and impact monitoring

Most non-profits struggle with collecting and managing data about their beneficiaries, donors and operations. Struggling to capture data using spreadsheets leads to challenges such as multiple versions leading to inconsistent data, infrequent backups leading to loss of data due to disk crash or viruses, missing data and difficulty in collating the organization-wide data from multiple spreadsheets.

Realizing this need, a few IT professionals under Dhwani Foundation built a software platform called Goonjan.

Goonjan enables NGOs to capture data about their beneficiaries, about services being provided to the beneficiaries and assess impact of the services on the beneficiaries.  It also enables NGO to capture data about donors and donations, and can link them to individual beneficiaries or a specific program. It can also be customized for NGO-specific requirements.

President of National Association for Blind, Bangalore, one of the earliest adopters of Goonjan: “Goonjan has helped NAB Karnataka transform our approach to managing services and beneficiaries, and linking them to robust metrics on our operations. We have also found it very helpful in financial management. It offers a user-friendly web-based interface that enables transparency for our management team, the Board and donors”.

In addition to this, Goonjan enables an organization to open its records transparently to donors through direct login to the system. It is hosted on a cloud-based application and hence can be accessed from any location that has a computer with internet connection. The software platform allows NGOs to customize and configure user interface fields, reports and organization structure and role definitions.

For more information, please visit the website here.