Adwait Joshi – Associate Director, Partnerships

Adwait Joshi is one of the Founders of CH FOUR Energy Pvt Ltd, a company that works in Waste Management and Environmental Services. Adwait was instrumental in massively growing the turnover of CH FOUR from a few lakh to over a crore within just 3 years. Prior to this, Adwait worked for several multinationals such as Godrej & Boyce and Forbes Marshall.

Now with Samhita, he works closely with companies to design and implement services that create social impact within the mandate of the client organization. Adwait also works extensively on Rural Marketing projects that involve widespread BoP outreach. His past entrepreneurial experience of building a successful business model to address a very relevant cause, coupled with considerable corporate exposure, empowers him to conceptualize and deliver on client expectations.

Adwait’s core areas of expertise include project planning and management. He is trained in Project Management and Sustainable Enterprise. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Production Engineering from the University of Pune.

An avid reader, a moody singer and a hiker at heart, Adwait describes himself as “curious, ready-to-learn and eager-to-explore”.