Our mission

Samhita means “collective good.” We help people and organizations “do good better” by creating symbiotic relationships between those who are bringing about change on the ground and those who have the means and resources to enable that change.


Our model

Companies across the country are looking for social initiatives and grassroots partners for their CSR projects. Foundations are looking to promote their awards/grants and partner with NGOs to implement their programs. NGOs spend an average of 250 days a year trying to raise funds and garner resources for their programs.

The “Samhita ecosystem” provides a credible platform and thought leadership to enable NGOs, companies, donor agencies, individuals, philanthropists, foundations and researchers to achieve their specific goals and make informed decisions that translate into purposeful action and large-scale social impact. Since 2009, Samhita has provided structured and professional services to enable companies, donors and NGOs to collaborate with each other and impact thousands of lives in India.


Whom we work with


The Samhita ecosystem provides access to a growing network of NGOs to address social issues as well as reach out to bottom-of-the-pyramid (BoP) markets. We can partner with you to provide inputs on corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that address core business needs, advise on effective ways of engaging with the community, design social initiatives, coordinate implementation of programs as well as measure the impact of your initiatives.


Being part of the Samhita ecosystem enables you to raise funds, access opportunities, showcase your work and gain credibility as well as form networks that could lead to further growth and impact.

Donor agencies

Samhita has considerable experience in managing grants, awards and program delivery. With our vast network of NGOs and deep understanding of the Indian development sector, we can leverage our easy-to-use portal to run campaigns, host application forms, recommend NGOs and monitor the utilization of your funds.
Our offerings are tailored to your needs and aligned with the values of your organization.

To find out more, please contact us here.


About the Nadathur Group

The Nadathur Group is a private investment firm & family office established by N.S. Raghavan, one of the co-founders of Infosys Technologies. Infosys was founded in 1981 by a team of seven people with US$ 250 as seed capital. Today it is a NYSE listed company with around US$ 5 Billion in revenues, about 125,000 people, and a market cap of US$ 35 Billion. Mr. N.S. Raghavan came out of Infosys in 2000, and set up Nadathur to serve as a Family Office and to invest in ventures across Asia. Today, the group is based out of India and Singapore and manages over US$ 600 million across asset classes and investment life cycles – from angel & venture capital investments to private Equity, Public Equity, Debt, and Real Estate. The activities and investments of the Nadathur Group cover diverse sectors including Healthcare, Life Sciences, Hospitality, Information Technology, Energy & Environment, and Education.

Social investing is an area where the Nadathur family strives to make a difference personally and professionally. The Nadathur Group supports philanthropy, and invests in social causes, aiming to transform passion into financially viable and sustainable models. In these efforts, the group goes beyond investing funds, and puts in time, effort, management expertise, and intellectual capital to build successful projects. Livelihood creation, the arts, education, medical research, and conservation are areas of interest to the group. Organizations supported include FAME India, the Nadathur Trust, Nature Conservation Foundation, and Maya Organics.


Legal & Financial Information

Samhita.org is a philanthropic initiative of the Nadathur Trust; a charitable trust registered under section 12 A (a) of Income Tax Act, 1961. Nadathur Trust is the philanthropic arm of Nadathur Group (www.nadathur.com). Nadathur Trust aims to partner with people and social organizations in creating financially viable and sustainable solutions to various social, economical and environmental issues/challenges. The social investing approach at Nadathur Trust focuses on achieving best possible outcomes by working closely in partnership with social enterprises/people and foundations in a collaborative way.

Through Samhita.org, Nadathur Trust intends to bring various stakeholders of social sector into one platform and contribute to the overall development of the social sector.

In order to achieve the objectives of samhita.org in an efficient and effective manner, the Nadathur group has also created Samhita Social Ventures Pvt Ltd (a company registered under the Companies Act) as a vehicle to manage all the activities related to the Samhita platform. While the platform/portal is developed and owned by Nadathur Trust, various activities related to the platform such as identification of social organizations, providing information, relevant content and resources relevant to the social sector, capacity building etc will be carried out by Samhita Social Ventures. Profits/surplus if any generated by Samhita Social Ventures from its activities, shall also be redeployed in furthering the objectives of the samhita.org
Below is information on both the entities.

Samhita Social Ventures Private Limited

  1. Registered as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956 (CINU93090KA2009PTC051788)
  2. Registered office located at: 3rd Floor, Nadathur Place, Plot No. 23, 8th Main Road, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bangalore 560 011
  3. Contact Address: 502, Atlanta Centre, Sonawala Cross Lane, Goregaon (East), Mumbai 400 063

Nadathur Trust

  1. Registered as a Trust in the State of Karnataka
  2. Office of the Trust located at: 3rd Floor, Nadathur Place, Plot No. 23, 8th Main Road, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Bangalore 560 011
  3. Income tax registrations: Nadathur Trust has registration under S.12A (a) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.