[CSR Mandate] Auguring a new dawn for CSR Partnerships


Samhita Social Ventures is featured in this CSR Mandate article which talks about CSR Marketplace – an online platform launched by Samhita that bridges the gap between companies and social businesses

[Express Pharma] How do pharma companies approach CSR?

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With the lives of millions of people being transformed as a direct impact of their core business, how do Pharma companies differentiate their business objectives from social objectives?

Samhita’s Priya Naik and Zitin Munshi are featured in this article which outlines the different approaches to CSR by the pharmaceutical industry.

[Outlook Business] The Shape Of Things To Come – Indian Philanthrophy


New generation philanthropists have now scaled up their giving and have sought to plug inefficiency gaps in existing efforts to address social problems.

[The Economic Times] Catalytic philanthropy leading to high- impact engagements


Samhita Social Ventures is featured in this Economic Times article which talks about a distinguished generation of philanthropists who are changing the philanthropy landscape in India with their unconventional approaches, their ability to think big and think differently, and back it with large tranches of their wealth.

Most promising woman entrepreneur in India – Priya Naik

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Samhita’s founder and MD, Priya Naik has been listed as one of the 10 most promising women entrepreneurs in the country. The article highlights how she hopes to bring together various sector stakeholders on one platform to address deep-rooted social challenges.

[Corporate Social Focus] CSR in India: A new ball game

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The CSR clause in the Companies Act, 2013, has major implications for the social sector. It opens up endless possibilities for social organizations to scale up their operations and reach out to a wider number of beneficiaries. There has also been a focus on the role of social enterprises in the implementation of CSR programs. […]

[The Economic Times] Start-ups & online portals advising companies on how to invest strategically in CSR

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Samhita Social Ventures is featured in this Economic Times article which profiles its business model as well as its online networking portal – the CSR Marketplace. The CSR Marketplace is a platform for companies, social enterprises and NGOs to engage and interact with one another, thereby laying the foundations for long-term partnerships around business as well as […]

Financial Inclusion – Key to Economic and Social Development

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Priya Naik, Founder and Managing Director of Samhita Social Ventures emphasizes on financial inclusion as the key to economic and social development in an article in CSR Mandate. Financial inclusion is a fundamental cornerstone of economic and social development. The mandatory CSR spending, as stipulated by the Companies Bill 2012, can help foster partnerships and help achieve a joint approach to promoting financial inclusion in a way that is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders.

Notification of the rules for implementation of Sec 135 of the Companies Act


The government has notified the rules for implementation of Sec 135 of the Companies Act, which cover mandatory CSR obligations for companies. The Act will take effect from 1st April, 2014. With the notification of these rules, it is hoped that companies will be better positioned to make strategic and program commitments for their CSR activities. Here is Samhita’s interpretation of the rules and what they mean for companies and social organizations.

[Times Of India] Corporate social responsibility: Startups see opportunity


With the Companies Act 2013 clearly stating that companies should have a more long-term plan in place for CSR, companies are realizing that such small initiatives are not enough. “From being purely activity-based, the law is now nudging companies to have a more sustainable and long term approach with respect to CSR,” Krishnan Neelakantan, managing director, Samhita Social Ventures said.